Friday, July 7, 2017

Kat's a Macaron Snob

I'm a snob.

I'm a snob about several things. I'm a food snob (I've transcended the level of "foodie"), I'm a theatre snob (which means I love theatre but I can't act to save my life), and I'm a macaron snob.

Not macaroon with two o's you peasant, but macarons with one o.

I'm the only person who loves the unicorn trend, but shouted "LEAVE MY MACARONS ALONE" when I spotted an Insider video on Facebook, I've traveled to several different cities including Ladurée's shop in London, and a fancy macaron shop in Paris--both of which are quite excellent--but nothing can ever top the simple, elegant, vanilla macaron from Bouchon Bakery.

They're cute but at what cost??

I know, I know. With limitless flavor combinations of sweet, tart, fruity and more, I'm just a sucker for the original vanilla bean macaron. The pistachio is also quite delicious, along with fruity flavors that they change out from time to time.

The french macarons came a very close second--good quality ingredients are always a plus--but I will fight to defend my claim, and my macarons: the Bouchon ones are the best.

Maybe it's the simplicity, or that I learned to make them from scratch when I was 11 and wanted to be a pastry chef. But whatever the reason, the Bouchon bakery macarons are the best, no questions asked.

Case closed,


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