Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Just Dō It

"To be is to do" - Socrates
"To do is to be" - Satre
"Do be do be do" - Sinatra

I love this trifecta of quotes in a style of bathroom-graffiti poetry, and I'm happy I got to allude to it when I took a visit to Cookie DŌ NYC this week.

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When I stumbled across a video exploring the confectionary shop's ice cream-style cookie dough bar, I fell in love. How can you not? Raw cookie dough is every kid's dream, and the reality is that here there's no risk of salmonella! It never stopped me before, however.

DŌ is so popular that there is a line out the door, and that line often snakes around the block. So here's what you do: come for the cookie dough, but stay for all the other goodies! Brownie bars, ice cream sandwiches, cookie dough shakes, and other delicious and colorful snacks await you. You can also take DŌ's dough to go! Or, it you're like me, buy too much, bring the leftovers home, and bake your remaining cookie dough into cookies the next day!

All I can say is "Just DŌ it!"


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