Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Back in NYC with My Favorite Macarons!

Hello Hello!

I've returned from my year in London to good old New York! It's been a wild ride--I'm now working as a sales and marketing assistant for a luxury businesswear company, I'm managing my mom's startup's social media, I'm still the Editor-in-Chief for my Odyssey chapter, and now I'm a summer correspondent for feminist media outlet, Babe! Whew!

I've got a not-so-relaxing summer ahead of me, or maybe I'm just a workaholic? Hmm. Anyway, this morning I was reading this article on Macaroons--I cannot believe I missed the announcement that it's National Macaroon Day!--and I'm ready to get my fix.

I also recently found a video about a women who is Americanizing French macarons--think cotton candy, glitter, and more--and I just can't deal with this.

Is nothing sacred??

Look, I've been to Paris, I've been to London, and I have had some excellent macarons. But the classic Bouchon Bakery right in Columbus Circle will always be my hands-down favorite, no competition.

I can't help it, I'm biased. I don't care how pretty the Instagram pictures are, or how many flavors a store can invent, I have my one bakery of macarons and that's it.

So in honor of this excellent holiday, I'm going to pay a visit to Bouchon after work and get a couple of sweets!

Happy snacking,

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