Wednesday, March 1, 2017

London Hasn't Discovered Shake Shack...and I Almost Hope They Don't

I'm going to be honest: I'm not the biggest burger fan.

I love steak, of course, but has to be pretty specific. For some reason I'm kind of enthralled with my cafeteria's burgers at university? My biggest academic achievement thus far is smuggling four of their cheeseburgers out of the cafeteria inside my shirt and coat pockets.

For me to like a burger, it has to have a good amount of flavor and a very small amount of juice.

Yet, I love Shake Shack. Ask any teenager who grew up in New York and they'll agree. The burgers are delicious (called Shackburgers), the custards are fantastic in their thicker-than-life milkshakes, but the best part, hands down, are the cheese fries.

Oh goodness, the cheese fries.

I'd take a bullet for Viola Davis and these cheese fries

If I had to choose between my dream career and a lifetime supply of Shake Shack's cheese fries, I would not hesitate to choose the latter.

The one issue is that Shake Shack is always really crowded. I'm talking lines out the door, good luck getting a seat, never-ending queues.

But then I came to London and realized: there are no lines in Shake Shack, I can always get a seat, and I can have cheese fries whenever I want. Londoners have no clue that this beauty of a gourmet-fast-food chain exists...

And I almost hope they don't find out, just so I can selfishly walk in without a line.

Happy snacking,


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