Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Let's Talk About Crepes, Baby

My mother and I have argued for days on end about the pronunciation of "crepe." I'm firmly in the French-sounding category "Cr-eh-p" while she's in the "Cr-ayy-pe" category. But we set aside our differences and pick up our utensils when it comes down to eating.

Today, in America and at IHOP, is National Pancake Day! We're following Pancake Day, or Fat Tuesday, in the rest of the world. The tradition started when everyone needed to use up their flour and sugar before Lent...so why not make loads of pancakes?

Pancakes from Bill's Restaurant on International Pancake Day
Now in America, if you go to IHOP, the International House of Pancakes which I have never seen in Europe, you can order a free short stack of pancakes today. Isn't that the dream?

Now there's a difference between American pancakes and European pancakes--the latter are basically crepes. They're flatter, can be eaten as a savory or sweet dish, and can be wrapped up and folded. The former comes in a stack, typically drizzled with butter, copious amounts of syrup, and fruit. Who's the wiser, here?

How are you celebrating Pancake Day in America? How did you celebrate Pancake Day in Britain or Europe?

Crepes at Fortnum and Mason

From Creme de la Crepe! Isn't that the best name?

Happy eating!


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