Monday, March 27, 2017

Cakes, Cats & Cafes

All the students I'm abroad with have this massive group chat. You know how it goes, trying to make plans in one of those things is nearly impossible. But London is such a great city, and there is so much to do to experience! So why not make the best of it?

That's how I typed the words, "Hey, does anyone want to go to a cat cafe?"

If you haven't heard of cat cafes, they're little cafes full of coffee, tea, snacks, and, most importantly, friendly cats for you to hang out with. They started in Tokyo, where they also have dog cafes, owl cafes, and even a goat cafe to all of the food-and-animal loving people.

The place we picked out was the London Cat Village, a forest-themed cafe located in Shoreditch, with plenty of lovable kitties for us to befriend.

It's not hard to miss, just look for the window of cats.

~How much is that kitty in the window?~

Before entering, you have to wait in a little foyer to take off your shoes (slippers are available). Then you're ushered into a warm and comfortable space with chairs and benches to sit at. All the time, you're surrounded by woodland structures for the cats to climb, scamper across, and play with. And, of course, the cats themselves.

~Everybody wants to be a cat~

You're free to wander around the space, but the ground rules tell you to play nice: no waking sleeping cats, no feeding them people food, and other kitty no-nos.

The menus have a selection of people food and drink, all with cat-themed names. No one will bat an eye when you say "I'd like a Pretty Kitty Cake and an Apple Loves Mint, please." You'll get cake and tea in no time--you'll be to preoccupied with playing with the cats.

OJ was a favorite out of all of us--she loved the attention and made our hearts melt with her meows
Everything was served in a whimsical forest-and-cat-styled way. I got my white hot chocolate with cinnamon in a pawprint mug (which had the little pink pads at the bottom, ahh!), and my salmon-paté on a trendy wood slab instead of a plate.

Now, because the English know how to do tea, the London Cat Cafe came through in that category. What was really impressive was the cakes. Oh my goodness, the buttercream was to die for, and the cake was spongy and full of flavor. And they simply looked as delicious as they tasted.

Look at this beautiful rainbow cake (Unicorns Are Real cake)
After chowing down on our meals, surrounded by peaceful Top 40 pop hits, we spent the good part of an hour taking plenty of pictures, sipping our teas, and, best of all, petting plenty of cats, who were all well cared-for and full of personality.

You can't go to a cat cafe without taking a million pictures (and some semi-successful cat selfies). If you're not a cat person, you're missing out on a therapeutic experience. I feel healed: my skin cleared up, I'm calm and de-stressed, I'm ready to face the day.

So, keep calm and pet cats.

All the best,


P.S. Here are some more cat photos, for your enjoyment:

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