Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Had a Dream About Gelato

I had an actual dream about gelato last night.

I was in London and I had to choose between three different gelato stands. One of the three was just a little more expensive than the other, and advice from my friend wafted through my mind. She had just returned from her semester abroad in Rome, so she was, basically, a gelato expert.

Maybe I should walk a bit farther, I can get some gelato for cheaper if I get away from the tourist areas...

After sampling all the gelato stands, I ended up with the first, more expensive gelato. I bought two flavors: coconut and cookies 'n' cream. Which was odd, because no matter how hard I try to expand my pallet I'm firmly a hazelnut and pistachio kind of girl.

Maybe it's a sign or some kind of insight into my subconscious.

Realistically, it's a sign that I really really love gelato.

I took a trip to Rome last semester--let me just say that I could absolutely retire there--and proceeded to eat my weight in gelato. Grom is my family's go-to gelato shop back in New York, and I promised them I would find the two Grom stores in Rome. I succeeded, but I ended up bypassing them for other ones! (Sorry)

Way out of the city was a small gelato shop with a big heart, and bigger scoops. The general consensus was that it was the best gelato we tried, especially the chocolate cheesecake flavor! My personal favorite was a shop that looked like the inside of a Godiva store, with lots of gold, chocolate, and glamour. Let's just say it's difficult to go back to Ben & Jerry's after that week.

When in Roma...

I've decided...after my career of living in London, summering in Paris, and visiting New York for the Holidays, I am going to spend my retired years eating all the gelato in Roma.


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