Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Coming Soon...

Hello there.

It's been...maybe four years since I last wrote on this blog? A lot can happen in four years. You can go into and graduate high school or college; a presidency can come and go.

So it's been a while. I'd like to think that I've changed a lot in four years. But two of the things that have not changed during that time are my love for travel and my love for food.

Sticky Toffy Pudding

Let me talk about why I'm putting 1000 Places through a Renaissance. The name, as you might now, is a pun on my favorite travel book, 1000 Places to See Before You Die. About six years ago my mother and I took a trip to London for a week. We ate our way through the city, experiencing the cites and sounds of another great city. And in a short time, I'm taking the same eight-hour flight into Heathrow and spending a little bit more of a week in the great city of London.

I'm actually in-between my study abroad semesters. I spent three and a half months interning, taking classes, traveling, and working on my British accent (I still have a ways to go), then I spent six weeks back in New York, and soon I'll be back in New York for another three and a half months. Who knew that I could live eighteen years in one apartment, then go gallivanting around the world, dividing my time between three vastly different places--New York, London, and Southern Virginia.

Sushi and bubble tea from Wasabi
--there are one or two locations in New York, but a
lot of them in London

In the past four months, I've visited nine different countries and a slew of different cities. I've had paella in Barcelona, bombolinis in Rome, crepes in Paris (opted out of eating a pot brownie in Amsterdam), and lots and lots of tea in England. This semester I've got my sights set on all the goodies I can possibly eat, and all the places I can visit, and--yes Dad, I'm going to class--all the hours I expect to spend studying.

And I still have 916 places to see.

All the best,


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