Sunday, May 11, 2014

You can go home again...Savor SLC

I was lucky enough to attend a conference in SLC a few weeks ago, and went on a food & architecture walking tour put on by Savor Salt Lake City. It was really fun to walk around downtown Salt Lake and remember shopping with my high school girlfriends, but also seeing all of the changes. And the best part about it was learning some tidbits about local stores and business owners that I never new before.

We liked out with a beautiful day to walk, and were able to sample some local (and popular) eateries along the way.

Here's a sample of some the things we "savored" on our tour.

Firs top, the Lion House for fresh-out-of-the-oven soft rolls, with honey butter on the side.  Just the smell of these brought back memories of kneading dough with my mom, and later, teaching my kids how to make our own bread. 

I was skeptical that Maxwell's East Coast Eatery could deliver a real "NY Style Pizza" but by the time I even got my camera out, more than half of our pie was gone. The most popular dish is the Fat Kid pie, with pepperoni, spinach and ricotta. Definitely beats any one of the Original Ray's pizza's I've tried in Manhattan!

The Market Street Grill is well known for introducing fresh seafood (it's loan in daily) to the meat n' potatoes crowd.  I'm not a fan of clam chowder (I can never get over the texture of chewy fish like clams, lobster and shrimp) but one bite of this creamy concoction made me a believer!

A visit to Caputo's Market is a must for any visitor (according to our tour guide.) I wasn't all that interested in visiting a deli, but this is not like anything I've seen before. We sampled some cheeses from the Cheese Cave, and toured the "largest selection of chocolates anywhere in the world."  I was so hooked that I ordered some of the Truffled Asiago Cheese once I returned to NYC, and I even sent my mom a mother's day gift basket.

Even with walking in between all of our food stops, I was sure I couldn't eat another thing, and then we stopped at Bruges Waffles & Frites for strawberrycrème fraîche covered waffle.  This seasonal hole in the wall storefront has grown to multiple locations, and I can see why. I think on my next trip to SLC I'm going to sample the "Torpedo Waffle", which is stuffed with Belgian Chocolate. Oh, and if you want savory instead of sweet, there are Belgian Frites well as waffle sandwiches, omelets and hot dogs on the menu. soon can I get back home again?

- Marcia