Friday, April 4, 2014

Rustic cooking with friends at Rustico Cooking in Manhattan

How do you combine business and pleasure in the same evening? Sullivan & Worcester law firm solved this issue by hosting a women's event at Rustico Cooking in NYC. During the course of the evening, we were able to meet some fabulous women, network with each other, and cook together. We made our own dinner, and then dined together afterward.  And guess what? Cooking is a lot of fun when someone else has done most of the prep work, cleans up around you as you go, serves you the food and then cleans up afterward. Oh, yeah, who wouldn't like cooking this way?

Our delicious menu:

Homeamde Cavatelli with roasted mushrooms and asparagus
Mediterranean Sea Bass with pine nuts, olives and raisins
Roasted vegetables in tarragon-scented oil
Braised chickpeas with spinach and chili
Limoncello and Berry Mousse

I'm hoping to get invited back for a second round.




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