Monday, March 31, 2014

Cheers to Growing Up.

     Hello, everybody.
     I recognize that it has been a looooong time since I wrote about my experiences and eateries on 1000 Places. I haven't quit writing, not a chance, but I have typed myself into one of two extremes: college essay-writing and texting. I would argue that I barely have time to myself anymore, my mom would agree but add, "you finished all your homework, right?" and my dad would agree but add, "STOP TEXTING YOUR BOYFRIEND." So I've typed, talked, and texted myself into a corner with all my schoolwork, college and scholarship applications, job work, home work, and the incorporation of friends, family, church, and relationships into that whole entourage. I'm also trying to figure out time travel because 1) it looks great on a college app/scholarship essay/resume, and 2) it would give me more time to get everything else done. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, I just wished that I could live on a little less sleep than I do now.
     So the bottom line is not an apology or excuse, just a statement of fact: I've been crazy busy this year.
     Now without further ado or slight procrastination, I shall try to put a storytelling spin on the various events of my life up to this point.
     It is my senior year of high school. I am on the last legs of public school, forever. (On a side note, in November my friends and I threw a cooked carrot slice from the school lunch and it landed precisely between the light fixture and the ceiling. It is still there with no sign of bugs or decay. I have no comment on cafeteria food at this point. I have seen it all.) I have even begun a countdown to various days such as the weekend, Spring Break, Prom, and Graduation to keep myself from going insane with senioritis.
     The biggest thing right now is the big fat fork in the road of my existence is…College: the make or break decision of the next four years of the rest of my life. I applied to the Brigham Young University in Utah, Idaho, and Hawaii, Penn State at Abington, and Hollins University in southern Virginia--an all girls school. It was a very long and grueling process, but I am honored to be a part of the wonderful Hollins women when I attend this fall. I first heard about Hollins through my mother. It started with just a business opportunity. She met one of the alumni for the school through my little brother's boy scout program. I was touring some schools, and we added Hollins to the list because it would look good for my mom's work to have me tour the school. I was happy to help, because hey, a road trip with my mom and it earned brownie points for her. But I wasn't planning on applying there. And then…well…I just fell in love with the campus. I loved what the school had to say about individualism, and how they opened their arms and walked towards me, saying, "We want you for our campus" rather than opening their arms and saying, "Are we the right campus for you?" So I am thrilled to attend their campus in the fall, armed with scholarships and a series of Gone With the Wind jokes. Though I should probably lose the latter before I accidentally offend someone on Accepted Students Day.
     I never got to finish my Costa Rica experience, and here's why: I kinda sorta dislocated my knee while hiking in the jungle. It's been eight months but my closest friends are still shaking their heads at my story and sighing, "you klutz." I dislocated my knee while hiking, and had to be carried out by my camp counselor and a French man, then rode a horse back to a car, which took me to a clinic in the nearest city. No, it was not romantic, I was in pain, but the French man had very nice hair. I had surgery soon after I returned to the states, and I really missed the home-cooking of my host family. I must say, the plantanos, eggs with cheese, and rice and beans were some of my absolute favorites. There were also these weird looking fruits whose name I keep forgetting, but they looked like the product of a strawberry and a sea urchin. They were very good but also the weirdest fruit I will ever live to see.
      Right now, I guess, I am in a kind of limbo. I'm so close to graduating, close to going to college, but the only thing I can do is just keep on doing. I am actually really looking forward to dorm-life, care packages and having a closet instead of a drawer. Note how all-night parties were not on that list. Unless it's a "party" with that huge research paper due tomorrow. Okay, let's be realistic: of course it's going to be a Hannibal marathon.
     I have also made my dad promise to send me his homemade bread periodically. My mom has already pre-titled herself as "care package mom." My brother is scared because he things his every move will be under scrutiny by my parents when I leave.
     I will miss a variety of things that every college student will miss at some point: family, home, and their family's home cooking. I am definitely commandeering some recipes for the way.
     Try as I might, I really cannot predict where in the world my life will take me. Hopefully all over the world, to law school, to the entertainment industry, and hopefully my loved ones will tag along. But I don't know. I just don't. Keeping this blog for the past four years has been a great learning experience. I had a great outlet for my writing skills and it's been great sharing my stories with my mom, with food, and with everyone else. This is not goodbye, goodness no, but this is an acceptance of my changing life. This is an acceptance of my growing up.

So cheers.



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