Saturday, November 2, 2013

Boo! Halloween Treats

This the feels like the holiday season blends into one long event, starting with Halloween, and working our way right through Valentine's Day. (If you really want to carry it further, you can go right through the Ides of March and on to Easter, but our festival flare is usually burned out by then.)

Glen is not a big fan of Halloween, but he's a good sport and plays along with the rest of us. I personally like all the silly things you can do with the holiday, and I get excited when I find something fun to play with, like the skeleton cookie cutters we found at Williams-Sonoma.  (I think the arms and legs can double as dog biscuit cookie cutters, but I haven't figure out a use for them yet.)

Our first skeleton only had one arm and one leg (hint, cut out four!) so we had to make some extra bones to get a full skeleton.  But really, is there anything cuter?  Would it be creepy to make a gingerbread version of this at Christmas?  Just a thought...

We also found a skull cake pan  -- pictured below is only one half of it. The full head has a face and a back, and looks pretty funny with a kitchen knife sticking out of it.  Ours below has a nail sticking out. I also found some fun cupcake toppers that look like eyeballs.  Very easy to just peal and stick the edible toppers onto an iced cupcake.  We rounded out our decorations with a couple of Lego halloween accessories, and some Godiva halloween truffles.

Next up? Thanksgiving! I wonder if there's a turkey cake pan out there. I should start scouting now...