Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brunch at Communal in Provo Utah

What exactly is brunch?  Is it that you didn't get up in time to eat breakfast, but it's too early for lunch? I'm never quite sure about that, but I AM sure that Communal serves up a scrumptious menu for a Saturday mid-morning meal.

Kate and I were in Utah for a few days doing some college shopping (my word)/hunting (Kate's word).  We spent a couple of days in Provo and a couple of days in Salt Lake, visiting the campuses, meeting up with some family members and friends, and scouting out fun places to eat and things to do. (We cancelled our dinner plans at Tree Top in Sundance in order to hang out at Velour and hear indie band Low play.)

We had read about Communal in the New York Times last year, when it's Mormon Food article had a big picture of the restaurant's funeral potatoes casserole.  It was on our list to try when we were in town, but we didn't have a lot of time, so we opted for Saturday morning, and we weren't disappointed.

I had a long soul-searching debate with myself about whether I should order the biscuits and gravy (with house-made sausage) or the chocolate johnny cakes - I remembered those from my youth, but they were off the menu for the day, so instead I ordered the poached egg in a savory tomato sauce.  It was wonderfully refreshing. It was more of a soup, with delicious nicoise olives, junks of sausage, and red peppers. A perfectly poached egg was nestled in the middle of the bowl, and a slice of toasted french bread (for dipping) came alongside.  This dish definitely made me re-thing my skepticism about brunch -- this was a great breakfast/lunch combo.

Kate went a little more traditional with light and airy crepes with lemon-ricotta filling and fresh blueberries on the side.  I couldn't resist so I snagged a forkful, and they were absolutely delicious.

Diners around us had the baking-powder biscuits and the yogurt and fruit parfait and told us they were also wonderful.

I was especially pleased to note that the food was locally grown and the restaurant supports local farms. On it's website, it even lists the farms and their specialties. I felt like I was supporting the farmers by supporting the restaurant.  I'm glad to know that it lives up to it's name.

I'm looking forward to going back -- and trying the funeral potatoes!



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