Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quick Quirky Stories: Magnolia Bakery

    There are some bakeries that are so good, when you just say their name, everyone automatically knows to what you refer, without having to elaborate on what you ate. I can say, "Magnolia," and everyone will express a dramatic sigh for the food sold there.
Magnolia Bakery is a cupcake store. They have cake, muffins, among other things, but they are known for their cupcakes. These intensely soft cupcakes have buttercream that I could claim was whipped from nothing less than a cloud. This is why New Yorkers are on a first Magnolia Bakery, like "Madonna."
     I recently went to Madonna--I mean Magnolia-- with my family to see an old friend who was in town. We got an assortment of cupcakes to eat: orange, german chocolate cake, and pumpkin. The orange was my favorite and my dad said the german chocolate reminded him of his childhood. Dash just liked cupcakes. My mom and I shared the pumpkin cupcake, but we both agreed that it tasted more like carrot cake than pumpkin. It was a slight disappointment in our pumpkin quest, but I'm still "Burning Up for your love," Magnolia!