Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Death by Cupcake - Our Haunted Halloween Party

Death by Cupcake
When Kate and Dash were young, we hosted an annual Halloween party for a few of their friends.  It started because I didn't like the idea that we would spend time and money on a costume that they would wear for two hours for one night a year -- and even then, if it was a cold night and they had on a coat, no one would see it!  I figured that if we had a party on the weekend before, then I'd get more use out of their costumes. Plus, it was a fun break from school, and let me get out my creative juices. Sadly, for me, my children are growing up, and they became less interested in their costumes and more interested in scary movies and haunted houses.  Along with that, Kate went from being a princess every year, to wanting to be a zombie or a vampire, and Dash went from super heroes to The Grim Reaper.  And it just wasn't cool to have a Halloween party (or at least, to hang around with your mom while she made ant hill cakes, or tombstone cookies.)  

This year, though, Kate and I spotted some Wilton cupcake decorations -- candy knives -- and I was inspired enough to throw a party for friends young and old, and I convinced my children to get into the act.  We spent the next couple of weeks skimming magazines for ideas, planning our theme, hunting down decorations, and coming up with funky food titles to go along with our Death by Cupcake idea.

Here are some of the creative foods we came up with:

Witches Body Parts with Monster Mash -- carrots, pickles, cherry tomatoes and green and black olives, with humus:

 Goblin Eyeballs -- deviled eggs, with green olives and pimentos:

 Stake-thru-the-heart with witches blood: skewered cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls and basil leaves, drizzled with pesto.

Toasted bat wings and swamp sludge: blue corn chips with salsa and guacamole:

 Ghoul Guts:  pulled pork on ciabatta rolls:

 "Bloody Mary" Fuit Punch: mixed cranberry and apple juice with lime seltzer, and floating jelly body parts candy (you can see "Mary's hand and an eyeball in the punch below!)

Death by Cupcake Tower  -- we used deviled food cake as an extra joke. White icing with blood -red jell, and Wilton candy knife and skull decorations made for a fun dessert!

Wilton Candy Knife Decorations



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