Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Barbecue & Smoked Pecan Pie at Blu Pig in Moab

During our summer trip to Southern Utah, we were delighted to find fabulous food at The Blu Pig (a BBQ and Blues Joint) in Moab. We spotted it when we drove into town and made a mental note to stop by one evening (it opens at 3 pm) and check it out.  We were glad we did!

We opted to try several things, from the somewhat familiar to the never had before.  The Basket of Pig Wings was a big hit -- fried pork shanks coated with Cajun sauce and served with celery and carrots with a side of blue cheese dressing came under the "familiar" category.  It was fun to try a variation on chicken wings, but with spicy and tender tidbits of pork.  Yum!

Since we were already into the "calories/schmalories" mode, we went for Crispy Battered Green Beans with ancho-mayo dipping sauce.  My mother would never have forced me to eat my vegetables if they had been this tasty!  The beans were crispy, in a slightly-spicy batter, and then dipped in the mayo there were amazing.  We found ourselves fighting over the last couple of beans.

The restaurant is, after all, a barbecue joint, so we went all out with a meat combo of baby backed rips and caroline pulled pork.  The sauce was sweet and tangy, with a nice kick, but not too much.  Extra sauces on the table were available for the more adventurous, but I was happy with the ribs just as they were.

Kate opted to try something she'd never had before and ordered the Catfish Po' Boy sandwich -- corn-meal battered fresh catfish, fried and served on a roll and topped with ancho-chile mayo.  It was too big for one serving, so she saved half of it for breakfast the next morning. (She said it wasn't quite as good once it had been refrigerated and microwaved, but still quite tasty.) This one was definitely a winner.

The biggest surprise came later -- desserts are made fresh every day, so if you have a favorite you might want to order it early, before it disappears!  We tried a couple of them -- peach cobbler and apple pie, both were very good, but the main event was the smoked pecan pie. The pecans are cold smoked and that extra flavor, combined with the sweetness of the pie, really "takes the cake".

We loved the smoked pecan pie so much that we asked about picking up a whole pie to take back with us to Cedar City in a couple of days and we pre-ordered a pie for pick up later in the week. When we got to the restaurant to pick up the pie, we met the owner, who told us that her mother had made a special pie at home just for us!  And our waitress, who was off that day, had come in to the restaurant just to make sure we were taken care of.  We got hugs from everyone before heading out to our car, where Glen held the pie on his lap for four hours. (No, we didn't think that one through!)  It was definitely worth it to share that pie with our relatives.  I am trying to figure out how I could get one shipped to me for Thanksgiving...still working that out.

We love discovering new places on our trips, and I'm ready to head out to Moab, Utah, just to eat again at the Blu Pig!

Finger lickin' good!