Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Local Lunch at Lexington Brass

Lexington Brass is a fun, lighthearted midtown restaurant for a quick NYC power lunch or a leisurely hang out with friends and family.  I love sitting by the floor to ceiling windows on a hot day -- I feel like I'm outside, but I get the comfort of air conditioning. It's a perfect combination.

The food is fun, and perfectly fits the restaurant's brasserie atmosphere. 

For appetizers, I'm a big fan of the tuna tacos -- you get to build your own "mini" tacos, with spicy corn tortilla shells -- and the warm cheese beignets with apple butter are a guilty pleasure when I'm in the mood for them.

For the main course, I think the Cobb Salad is one of the best in town. The incredients are fresh and plentiful, and the signature ranch dressing is flavorful and not too heavy.  Kate loves the Lobster B.L.A.T. sandwich (who woundn't?), and Dash (true to form) thinks the Cheeseburger is great -- especially served with the Parmesan-Truffle Fries.

The restaurant is very accomodating -- I've ordered the Tuna Burger (with sesame aioli & avocado) on a bed of lettuce instead of a bun, and I've done the same with Steak Sandwich (with onions, jalapenso & aged cheddar) and the Grilled Chicken (with pesto & mozzarella.) 

I made the diet mistake of sharing dessert one day -- the chocolate dessert is incredibly decadent, and is a must-share: four layers including a chocolate brownie, chocolate chip ice cream, a square of chocolate-coated vanilla custard AND chocolate sauce. 

My favorite dessert, though, is the strawberry shortcake -- also large enough to share -- with a sweet biscuit, clotted cream, and berries.  Delicious!

I stopped in for breakfast recently, and had a wonderful omelet with a side of seven grain bread, which they buy from local NYC bakery Amy's Bread.  Oh, yeah, I'll be checking out the breakfast again real soon.

Hmm, I just realized it's lunchtime.  I wonder what the specials are today?

Bon Appetit!