Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Paraphrased Version of our Family Road Trip

     I have certainly been busy over the summer. I have gone on several trips with my family and friends, worked two summer jobs, met up with friends, and was never bored for a minute! Except maybe on airplanes, but still, it was fun.
     The biggest trip of my summer was when I flew on a plane by myself to Las Vegas, where I was driven out to Southern Utah to go to EFY. For those who don't know, EFY stands for Especially For Youth, which is a weeklong program for Mormon teenagers. Basically, it's a lot of fun, and you get to meet other Mormons your age from around the country, and even around the world. These programs are usually held on college or university campuses. This year the session of EFY was on the Southern Utah University campus (where my parents first met; say "aww!") which is in Cedar City, Utah.
     The next week, I met up with my family, who had also flown to Vegas and driven out to meet me, and we went to Moab to see Arches National Park. We hiked, drove, and ate a lot of barbecue! After Moab, we drove again to Mesa Verde (not Mesa Grill, if you read my earlier post of Bobby Flay's restaurant!) in Colorado to see the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi Indians, now called the Ancient Pueblo Native Americans. The views were absolutely spectacular and the sites were fascinating. However, I battled vertigo as we climbed down old ladders to get to the niches of housing in the cliffs 7,000 feet above ground.
     After Mesa Verde, we drove back to Moab, where we were were going to stay a night in a KOA Campground, but we decided to keep going where we could sleep in actual beds (Dash and I ended up sleeping in a trailer, which was close). We returned to Cedar City for the annual Utah Shakespeare Festival, where I saw Mary Wives of Windsor with my Dad, and the famous Les Miserables with my Mom and Dash. I really liked both productions, but I couldn't help but miss my familiar Broadway. (But if you're as big a theatre fan as I am, click here)
     On our last day, we drove back to Las Vegas to catch a Red-Eye flight, but we had some time to spare. We walked around the Bellagio and surrounding hotels and caught lunch at a Todd English restaurant. Afterword, we flew back East and ended our road trip.
     Of course, food was one of the highlights of our trip, though there are many! I hope to include some of these fun food stories in upcoming posts, but first here's a look at some of the pictures of our expedition:

Arches National Park

Mesa Verde

Here's to a great summer with my family, and here's to the new school year!