Friday, July 6, 2012

Food Blog Networks

     Since I mostly write blogs instead of read them, I thought it would be fun to check out some other food blogs and food networks.
     At 1000 Places to Eat Before You Diet, a lot of our writing is about eating food, rather than sharing recipes. See, I wasn't raised on age-old family-traditional recipes. In my family, we love to try new things, especially food. My dad was never hesitant about choosing a recipe from a Jean Georges cookbook or taking my brother and I out to an authentic Indian restaurant. We all have restaurants and recipes that we would gladly indulge ourselves in several times, but we never handed down recipes or created our own.
     With this in mind, am I more a food critic than a food writer? When I think of critics I visualize The New York Times' hard-hitting article that devours or praises ever inch of a theatre production or restaurant. This is not why my mom and I created this site. We want to tell fun stories of all the wonderful food that we have tried. In New York City there are so many opportunities, so many things we haven't tried. Our writing is centered around telling stories. That is what makes us food writers.
     So I decided to list food blogging networks that harbor other bloggers and allow them to tell their stories. Here are a few that I found and liked:

Food Blogger Network


The Foodie BlogRoll

Food Bloggers

Food Bloggers : On Food Blogs and Food Blogging

Food Blog Search

Here's to finding new communities, and expanding your own,
Yours, Kate