Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Sur La Tabla, with Love

We celebrate birthdays for a whole week at our house, so this year I gave Glen a gift every day for seven days around the "spice" theme -- including lunch at Blue Smoke (barbecue spices), a scented candle, hand lotion scented with lemon grass, asian-flavored salt, and spicy potato chips.

One of his gifts was a Date Night Asian-Fusion cooking class at Sur La Tabla. It was a lot of fun trying out new recipes, and meeting new people who are also passionate about food and cooking.  There were 8 couples paired up into four groups, and each group made five different dishes.  We learned how to make delicious soy mayonnaise for the Bahn Mi Crostini, sweet chili-lime dressing over mixed green salad,  miso-mustard butter served with seared salmon,  and coconut-caramel flan.

The class was fun and casual, and the instructor kept us all entertained with her own stories as well as with other tips and tricks of the trade.  I'm already hinting that MY birthday is coming up, and I'd love to take another class -- maybe the Girls Night Out Tapas party, or Date Night-Paris.  (Hint, hint!)

By the way, if you don't get the joke, look up Sidney Poitier movies!