Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can't Sleep? Got the Munchies? Who ya gonna call?: INSOMNIA COOKIES!

     You thought I was going to say Ghostbusters. I know everyone in the world would respond the same way. If you are one of those people that haven't already seen Ghostbusters but know their catchphrase, I suggest you go on Netflix, DVR it, rent the movie, borrow it from a friend, or any other movie-watching technique so that you see this movie.
     But that's not the purpose of this story. I write about food. If this was a movie blog, it would be, "1000 Movies to See" and then some clever pun. Don't be disappointed, I'm a big movie fan (hence forth the Ghostbusters reference) there are some food-related stories where a movie has a role. (See, "Ollie's and a Westerrrrn *Contradictory Post*)
     I first heard the word, "insomnia" when I was ten years old, reading an informative American Girl book. Does anyone remember those dolls? They had an awesome literary collection as well, and the restaurant was pretty good, too! American Girl defined the word as simply, "I can't sleep." As I got older, transitioning out of the doll phase and parts of my childhood, "insomnia" was lost in the wide range of vocabulary that I began to pick up, with words such as, "mononucleosis", "quantum mechanics", "ideology" and "teendom", even several words that I hear often at school, but don't and shouldn't repeat.
     Looking in the trusty dictionary (yes, I cheat with words sometimes) Merrium-Webster proves that American Girl was correct in their definition of "insomnia," but they put the word as "habitual lack of sleep."
     I can think of another definition for "insomnia." It's probably a better one, too--no offense to Merrium-Webster or American Girl. It's called "Late-night cookie delivery," from a place called Insomnia Cookies.
     Insomnia Cookies is a little cookie store that I've passed going to school several times. My friend first recommended it to me, and there was no way that I could pass up a free cookie.
     The cookies are always warm and soft, so that they might break apart in your hand. There are several flavors of cookies and brownies, for low price. The taste is incredible. An Insomnia Cookie is like biting into childhood, when you would sneak downstairs to grab a glass of milk from the fridge. Those cookies are like biting into a warm, happy memory.
     Here's another great thing about Insomnia Cookies: they deliver from six at night until three in the morning, and are open from midmorning to the early hours of dawn. This cookie shop is every insomniac and teenager's dream: both the hours and the taste.

Heres to late-night snacking and cookie-binging,
     Yours, Kate

P.S. You can also check out Insomnia Cookies website, or find a ghost-- I mean store -- near you!