Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hurricanes and Harry Party

Hurricane Irene stormed through town a couple of weeks ago. NYC all but completely shut down for more than 24 hours -- milk, eggs, bread, cheese, ice cream and potatoe chips disappeared from grocery stores.  More beer and candy bars were purchased than any other time in NYC history. (This is all anecdotal, so don't go looking for statistics to back me up.)

With not much else to do but hunker down and wait for the winds and rain to come and go, we set out to get some weekend "comfort food" for the kids.  Glen and I told them they could pick up one item at Whole Foods, and there'd be no restrictions.  But when we got to WF on Friday night, there was a 20 minute wait just to get into the store, and I'm sure the check out line would have taken at least that much time.  We decided it wasn't worth it, so instead we went upstairs to Bouchon Bakery and let the kids each pick a dessert. (Kate picked out a fig and balsamic vinegar macaroon, and Dash picked out a chocolate chip cookie -- not the most adventuresome dessert he could have chosen, but it probably fit into his "comfort food" category.

On the way home, we talked about what we would do over the weekend. I had bought a book at Borders (dirt cheap, since the store was on it's last leg, sad to say) and we also decided to have a movie marathon. My suggestion was to watch a weekend of disaster movies -- Poseidon Adventure, The Perfect Storm, and Titanic were at the top of my list but no one else thought that was a good idea. (I wonder why?)  We all agreed to a Harry Potter Movie Marathon, and since we have the first six movies on DVD, we wouldn't have to be worried if Time Warner Movies on Demand couldn't keep up with, well, the demand.  Plus, we wouldn't have to argue over every movie choice.

We spent the weeekend inside, mixing up our movie watching with reading, doing laundry, playing some family games, and having an occasional fun treat. We fielded phone calls from worried family members and friends, and posted our marathon update on Facebook.We popped popcorn one day, and found a lefotver chocolate fondue kit that went well with some strawberries we had in the fridge, and with our Bouchon Bakery treats, we were all set. 

We made it through the first six Harry Potter movies by Sunday afternoon. It was actually fun to go back to the beginning, and see the young actors. We also picked up on nuances we hadn't noticed before.

But mostly, we actually had a nice weekend hanging out with each other. We know it could have been a lot worse, and we felt incredibly lucky that Irene had diminished by the time she got to NYC, and then skirted around Manhattan.  By the time our movie marathon was over, the winds had died down, and the sun had come out.  Life was back to normal.


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