Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Hat is off to my Media Teacher/The Manliest Manwich that is known to Man

    Thank you to my awesome Media (Art & Technology) teacher, Mr. Perry, who taught my class how to use HTML to format a website. I want to know from you, dear reader, if you like the new layout? I recently completed a school assignment to create my own web page (along with the other students) to link to the school website. Since my school has almost completed its first year open, everything is brand new, and the students had a very big role, ranging from designing the school logo to giving speeches in front of the family by which the school was named. In all, it was a really fun year.
     But I'm getting ahead of myself. After the project, I had been itching to try out my newfound computer skills. So I tried them out here. Now, I did not strip away all of the formatting and recreate the entire HTML settings for the website, but I did change the layout and such. Which leads a full circle back to the question, do you like the new layout, dear reader?
     My mom and I also have ordered our new business cards. This is something we were very excited about for a long time, and I will hand them out with pride, giggling like a schoolgirl when I say, "I made these," and then coughing when I amend, "Well, sort of." Because I did not directly print them out, cut the paper, buy the ink, etc. But I did help design the layout.
     So, as you can tell from the text, I am very excited, and I think it looks really great.
     Also, because it is father's day, I have a food-related story to share.
     Some things that my dad enjoys to make are the starters from Williams-Sonoma. We have a meatloaf starter, a chicken vindaloo starter, and a burger starter. A few days ago, my dad whipped out Tom Colicchio's 'Wichcraft cookbook, and he and I got to work.
     (I'll skip past the blood, sweat and tears part of the work and get right down to the eating.)
     The sandwich contained meatloaf, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and tomato relish. A better name for it would be the Manwich. It was really quite manly (I use this in a stereotypical sense, and not to imply anything demeaning to anyone). And what could contain this awesome Manwich except for chiabata bread from Sullivan Street Bakery?
     Of course, the perfect way to eat a Manwich of this sort is to lean over one's plate, using both hands, and take the biggest bite you can imagine, with an assortment of satisfied grunts.
     It was especially fun to eat these as a family.

Here's to new inventions and satisfied grunts,
     Yours, Kate