Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Breakfast: Quiche and Smoothies

It wasn't until I was pouring the batter into the pie shells that I thought about the irony of serving quiche on Father's Day -- do real men really not eat quiche? (Google Bruce Feirstein's 1982 satire, if you're too young to get this reference!) It was a little too late to take it back, so I powered forward.  Anyway, Julia Child says it's okay to serve quiche, especially if you put something manly in the custard, like bacon or sausage, so I figured I was home free.

The big problem is that how do you "surprise" your husband with breakfast on Father's Day when you live in a one-bedroom apartment, and have no place to hide anything?  I took more of a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" attitude and baked the quiche on Saturday afternoon while Glen and Kate were at the Roundabout Theater (seeing Anything Goes).  The two pies were on the counter cooling when they got home, and I tortured Glen a bit by telling him he'd have to wait to eat it the next day.

Truth be told, it also made it very easy to make breakfast on Sunday morning -- I set the table and re-heated the quiche, while Dash made Skywalker Smoothies (one of his favorite recipes from the Star Wars cookbook -- all you have to do is name a food after a Star Wars reference, and Dash is a happy camper!)

I made a traditional Quiche Lorraine, with gouda cheese and thick sliced bacon.  I used half cream and half milk (it made me feel a little better about all the calories!), and I pre-baked two frozen pie shells rather than make the dough myself, and it worked perfectly.  I love the custard texture, with a bit of crunchy bacon, a light cheesy flavor, and a hint of fresh-shaved nutmeg.  Perfect!

Here is a picture of our Quiche Lorraine, right before we served it!

Dash's smoothie recipe was simple -- frozen strawberries, fresh bananas, a bit of orange juice and some ice cubes -- and made a nice complement to the quiche.

And the best part? Leftovers!!!

Happy Father's Day!