Friday, May 27, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday Party

All little boys (and some little girls!) should have a Harry Potter birthday party. I dug out some photos of the cake I made for Dash when he turned 7.  We had lots of fun with our Legos characters -- if you look closely you can even see Hedwig on one of the turrets.

Years ago my husband gave me a Williams Sonoma "sandcastle" cake pan. In our ever-so-small NY apartment it takes up a lot of room. What was he thinking? I figured I'd have to get rid of it in six months (our rule is that, except for Christmas ornaments, if we don't use something for six months it has to go!)  But it turns out that this pan makes a great Princess Castle, a fabulous haunted house (especially if you make it in chocolate) and, of course, Hogwarts!

I think Dash was happy with it.  What do you think?


I love the car -- we hung it from the ceiling so it could fly over Hogwarts.

Legos had a Hogwarts Express train that we put together, and we used some of the Lego characters to populate the castle.  And we had to add the Whomping Willow to make it authentic!