Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dash-Date and lunch at Tulcingo Del Valle

Our dilemma:

Crappy/rainy weather (in case you've been asleep for the last month, this could have been any day in Manhattan during the month of April!)

Start of Spring Break, so lots of our kids friends are gone.

Kate is on her way to DC for a church trip.

Dash is home and feeling a little left out.

Our solution:

A special Dash-Date Day!

Our Dash-Date Day included a trip to the Lego store in Rockefeller Center, one of our new favorite stores. Dash was into Legos when he was younger and outgrew them and gave them away.  He has recently discovered that he can build race cars, Hogwarts Castle, the Empire State Building, and fair number of other things with Legos.  It doesn't hurt that Legos has come out with some computer games based on action-adventure movies, including Star Wars and Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.   Our focus this day was for Dash to find a Lego project to build/keep busy with during the break. Eureka! Dash got a model of the Empire State Building as well as a race car kit (extra points because the kit can be built into to three different shapes, meaning three times as much fun.)

After shopping at the Lego store, we headed over to Tulcingo Del Valle, a mexican restaurant we scouted on the Zagat website.  Kate is not a fan of Mexican food, so with her out of town we were able to indulge in jalepeno craving (if there is such a thing.)

We had lunch at this wonderful neighborhood restaurant on 10th avenue and 47th street.  There are 8-10 tables in this tiny shop, and chef/owner does most of the cooking himself.  We tried an assortment of dishes, including fresh made tamales, the best chile relleno I've ever had, delicious chicken mole and cheese enchiladas.  The sauces were freshly made, the pickled peppers spicy but not too hot, and tortillas were light and crispy.  We even tried some of the drinks -- unsweetened lemonade, spanish soda, and a papaya milkshake.  With the Telemondo TV channel station blasting in the background, we felt like we were right in the heart of Mexico -- until we walked out on to 10th avenue and ran home to avoid the pouring rain!

We finished off our Dash-Date indoors, playing Ticket to Ride and watching movies.  All in all, a great day.