Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chocolate Easter Bunny Class and mother/son Bonding

 On the way home from our Easter Bunny class last night, Dash said to me "Mom, I'm not a good artist. I like just slapping the paint on chocolate eggs.  What I am good at, though, is Math."  We then had a long conversation about our various talents. "Mom, you're good at making friends. That's why you have a good job."  We talked about his friends and their skills, and my husband's and daughter's talents, and whether or not we were born with talents or developed them. Who knew that spending two hours molding chocolate into baskets, bunnies and eggs would turn into a philosophical discussion?

OK, enough of that, and on to our class! I wasn't sure if Dash would be the only 11 year-old boy in the class, and if that would make him uncomfortable.  He wasn't -- there were 3 boys and 5 girls -- but he really didn't care. He was excited about the class, and felt a little superior to the other kids because we had just spent a half hour wandering around the NY Cake & Baking Co store, so Dash was up on all the newest molds and colored chocolates.

Our family loves taking classes at the Institute of Culinary Education.  And it turns out that our teacher last night also taught the Fondant class cake took last December (see Kate's December 2010 post and the picture of her penguin cake.)  I'm adding the chocolate Easter basket class to my list of favorites at ICE.

We learned about tempering chocolate, using molds (our bunny was molded in two halves and then "glued" together), where to find good quality chocolate, tinting coconut and white chocolate, hand-molding chocolate, and even painting.  And best of all, someone else cleans up the mess!

I can't wait for our next class!


Here are a few photos of Dash's basket in progress:
Dash's chocolate carrot, on a bed of tinted coconut.
Dash and his basket. 
Dash's completed basket, including painted eggs.