Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doughnut Saturday

     How would you spend a Saturday? Would you sleep till noon? Go for a run? Shopping? Hang out with  family? Buy doughnuts? How about all of these things? That's what I did on Saturday, New York City style.
     Saturday was supposed to be a regular Saturday, nothing special. I went for a run in Central Park with my mom, which was nice because I hadn't ran in CP since I sprained my knee last year. There had also been really cold weather lately, and we were happily surprised when we were proved wrong. Compare a mid-morning run to leaving at 6:00 in the morning for seminary. There's a huge difference in temperature and amount of sleep.
     After that, we returned home and relaxed. Our family was going downtown to a small doughnut place on 23rd street, called the Doughnut Plant. But our plans were changed when Dad got a call from a friend. His friend was a teacher who was chaperoning a group of Juniors who were traveling to New York. However, one of them was in the hospital with food poisoning and another was sick in the hotel room. The rest of the students were bored, and the other two chaperones were in trouble.
     So, we went down to their hotel to rescue them, and took everyone down to the Doughnut Plant. Once there, about half of the flavors were already sold out, including the famous PB&J doughnut. I settled with a Creme Brulee doughnut. There were a lot of other flavors like pistachio, lemon, carrot cake, the list goes on. It was absolutely incredible. There were some square ones, little doughnut balls with cream inside, and typical-looking doughnuts with cream on the insides. It was absolutely incredible.
     After the Doughnut Plant, Dad and the high school students went off in one direction, and Mom took Dash and I in the other. I wanted to go shopping and Dash needed to get some socks. After walking several blocks up to 34th street, I was delighted to find an H&M. I got a cute flowery dress, and then we collected Dash from where he was positioned by the door and went to the subway. Once again, we headed home, and I played the Wii with Dash while mom slept. After a while, Dad called saying he was having fun playing tour guide, and he wouldn't be back until late. He was taking the students to a concert. There were two extra tickets, but the show was for people 16 and up, with ID.
     We headed out again to the Gap, not a long trek, and Dash finally got his socks and I a t-shirt. Afterwords, we all went to separate places for dinner. Mom got Chipotle, Dash got Subway, and I got Sushi from Sushi Damo. We all carried our foods home, ate ice cream, and watched TV.
     A perfect end to our typical Doughnut Saturday.

Here's to doughnuts, Saturdays, and spending it all with family.
     Yours, Kate