Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cooking with Bobby Flay, Tom Collichio, and a Wookie

Ok, now that I have your attention -- we didn't actually have Bobby, Tom and a Wookie in our home this weekend, but we did a lot of cooking from our favorite cookbooks and so it felt like the famous chefs had invaded our kitchen.

Kate and Dash were both getting over colds and feeling a bit cooped up in the house, and we are all tired of the winter, so "if wishing made it so" we pretended it was summer and made some of our favorite warm-weather foods.

On Saturday, Dash browsed through Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes cookbook, but ultimately settled on making a "Skywalker Smoothie" from the Star Wars Cookbook.  And yes, it's the perfect cookbook for an 11-year old boy. He loves making "Wookie Cookies" and has experimented with several of the other recipes -- there's a great pasta dish, which actually got my kids to down broccoli and cauliflower without complaint!

Glen made nachos and whipped up some fresh salsa -- keeping with our summer theme.  He has decided to plant our garden from seed this year and has been talking to the cilantro sprouts to get them to grow nice and healthy.  No, this salsa didn't have our own home-grown cilantro, but it got us in the mood to enjoy it this summer!

For Sunday brunch Glen made a fabulous vinagrette from our last batch of pesto in the freezer. We all voted for him to plant more basil...and to make more pesto this summer.  I wish we had room for another freezer!

One of the highlights of the weekend was a very simple dish: pan-seared cauliflower, from Tom Colicchio's Craft of Cooking.  Honestly, they tasted just like french fries!  (Ok, not exactly like fries -- I refused to let Dash dip his in ketchup!)  We spent a few minutes after dinner looking through the other vegetable dishes in the cookbook -- can't wait to try them!

Not to be outdone, on Sunday afternoon Kate made a loaf of braided egg bread, from the Williams-Sonoma Kids Baking cookbook.  There is something so wonderful about the smell of bread rising on the counter. And nothing compares with a warm slice of bread with a melting pat of butter.  

It's amazing what you can whip up when you have a stocked fridge, a full pantry, and a variety of cookbooks to choose from!