Sunday, March 13, 2011

*Contradictory Post* Ollie's Noodles and a Westerrrrn.

     Upon reading my mom's post, there are just some things I would like to correct: I love chinese food. I didn't like it when I was younger, but I could say the same thing about squash--now that I'm older I'm not such a picky eater. Anyway, it's hard to find a good authentic chinese food place that is--how do I say this?--authentic. Like trying to find a family farm amongst a bunch of McDonald's. In middle school, there was a bunch of really good Asian food places by my school. (We got to go out for lunch) There was one chinese food place directly across the street, and you had to sprint there to get a seat before everyone else. A lot of fun times were had in that restaurant. Including--oh yeah, food poisoning.
     But that's because I don't go to Chinatown a lot. I would like to, believe me, but the last few times I've gone are when I was dragged along with my parents for some reason or another. It involved things I didn't understand back then, like walking, teenagers, and getting lost. (youth conference? it was some church tour-y group thing.)
     Anyway, my day out went as follows: haircuts for me and Dash (I got a 20s bob, though I wanted it in layers, it's cute), rescheduling Apple appointments, okayish chinese food (the dumplings could have had more identifiable meat and the miso soup had an aftertaste), and one of the most epic movies I had seen in a while.
     Yes, I saw Rango. Maybe because it had Johnny Depp, probably because it had Johnny Depp, and definitely because it had Johnny Depp. And it was amazing. It parodied about every Western movie that had ever been good, and it did so subtly. It was funny so that children and cienima-deprived adults could laugh, but Mom and I got all of the inside jokes and probably busted a gut more so than the giggling 3-year-olds. Of course, giggling 3-year-olds hadn't seen High Noon or Shane. Or even heard of Clint Eastwood, who appeared as his animated self, gives a speech that no one except the main character begins to comprehend, and then drives away in a golf cart full of Oscars. In a few words, Rango was one of the most epic movies I had ever seen, aside from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Inception.
     Now that everything's all cleared up, it is safe to say that Saturday brought me back to childhood, but I understand it all now. Except for Clint's speech.

Here's to random motivational speeches, average chinese food, and awesome Saturdays.
     Yours, Kate