Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rock Center Cafe (Please excuse my lack of accent)

No seriously. My spanish grade would seriously improve if I knew how to find the accent mark thingy.
     Anyway, last week on Saturday my mom took me to go shopping at H&M. I got really cute outfit (I'll save you the horror of describing teen fashion) and afterwords, we went to brunch. We were on 5th avenue in the Rockefeller Center area, where a lot of shopping takes place. In my opinion, there's four main parts of the 5th avenue area. The first part is Expensive Shopping, with stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, and Burgdorf Goodman, which a girl can only wish to be able to go into. The second part is for the Teens and Young-Adults, that includes hangout places as well as shopping centers, like H&M and Juicy Couture. A sub-category of this would be American Girl Place (which also has nice food, if not pretty expensive) and other stores. The third part is the places you can go to by yourself or with friends, just to hang out. These are Barnes and Noble-type stores. The fourth part is the Tourist-y spots, some of which can be fun. These are mostly around Rockefeller Center itself. Like, the statue of the guy holding up the world, the giant tree and Christmastime, and the Ice-Skating Rink.
     The Rock Center Cafe (argh! why can't I find that accent mark???) is in the fourth part, but somehow seems to be avoided by tourists. It's literally right next to the ice rink. You can see the people falling-- I mean skating-- outside. To get to the Rock Center, you have to go underground, and navigate through a bunch of passageways. Thankfully, my mom knew where she was going. She told me she used to take clients there all the time for work.
     When you finally get the the Rock Center Cafe (Ah! No, wait... I'm just going to ignore this...) You walk in, and you can automatically tell that the restaurant has this light, open atmosphere. There are glass walls all around, so you can see everything that goes on outside of the restaurant. There are booths and tables, and the place is not all on leveled ground. There are hallways that lead to the bathroom and the kitchen, so you don't have to see everyone's business. In all, the Rock Center gave off a vibe that it was professional and clean, but also casual and fun. Also, they had a coat check.
     I really liked the coat check. I've been to a lot of restaurants, fancy, dressy-casual, or just casual. The thing is, I never remember ever going to a coat check. It was also convenient, because that way we wouldn't have to carry all of our shopping bags with us.
     Mom and I were politely seated at our booth-- whenever we go out together, we just prefer to get booths instead of tables-- and handed our menus. It was the "Brunch" menu. Now, I've never been a really big fan of breakfast. I'll tolerate it, but I've never really embraced the meal. In my mind, I thought I would just get a salad, or something that leaned toward the -unch side of Brunch. Then something caught my eye.
     Buttermilk pancakes with white chocolate chips, hazelnuts, and dulce de leche butter.
     Oh yeah. It was like those words were calling out to me, embracing me with promises of lush, fluffy, delicious pancakes that were sent straight from heaven.
     And it was better.
     The food arrived, and Mom got a mescaline salad with beets and goat cheese, with a side of french fries to share. I also got a hot chocolate. The details on that chocolate are in the "Deck the Apartment, part II."
     Back to the pancakes--they were utterly amazing. There were at least three full-size pancakes stacked on top of each other, with the dulce de leche butter sitting on top. It looked like it had been freshly whipped and dropped lightly onto the cakes. My fork quickly cut and scooped up a piece, then it went into my mouth, and BAM! Queue the Hallelujah Chorus! They were much better than the ones I got in a box that said, "just add water." Wait, forget that last sentence. That doesn't even come close the real taste of the pancakes. There is absolutely no earthly way to describe them.
     Sadly, my stomach wad not big enough to stuff three whole pancakes in one sitting. I sat back against the plush leather and very subtly sighed, because I did not have the strength nor the capacity to finish them.
     The french fries were really good, too. I didn't finish those either, until later, at home, in secret. Shh.
     It was definitely a very good day. What we can make for a mother-daughter day in NYC.

Here's to pancakes, shopping, the city I love, and the wonderful times I spend in it.

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