Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick quiz: How many halloween parties can you throw in a weekend?

Ok, that's sort of a quick question, but my answer is another question -- how many kids do you have?  I have two, so the answer is "I can throw TWO halloween parties in a weekend and can also decorate and man a trick or treat door for my church's party!

It all started very simply a few years ago, when I thought that my kids should have something else to do besides knocking on doors and asking for candy. I figured that we spent so much time (and sometimes money) on costumes that I thought I should spend even more time and money and throw a halloween party for my kids -- and a tradition was born.

This year when Kate asked me if she could have a party, I said "sure." And then came the kicker -- she asked me if "Daddy and Dash"could conveniently disappear for the evening, so she could just have her girlfriends over. And since I'm still consider a girl (sort of ) I could stay.  Truthfully, it's not that hard to plan a party for a handful of teenage girls. Kate did all the work -- designing the invitations, picking out a movie to watch, and selecting the menu (she asked Glen to cook that oh-so-traditional halloween meal of BRAISED SHORT RIBS) so it was an easy party to throw.

But as we started planning, Dash asked if he could have his own party.  OK, we can buy decorations for both parties (and I planned to use some of the props for the church Trick-or-Treat door!) and it should be too bad.  We had Dash's party on Friday night, which included running off to boy scouts, and then coming back for a sleepover in our apartment, our church party was Saturday afternoon, and Kate's party was Saturday night. Who needs a weekend?

So over Halloween weekend, we carved pumpkins and baked a chocolate cake in our Williams Sonoma sandcastle cake pan ( and  decorated it to look like a haunted house, made pizzas for  Dash and his friends(no short ribs for them!), quieted the boys around midnight, made pumpkin muffins in our Williams Sonoma pumpkin-shaped pan, sent boys off to their families, went to a church party and decorated a door and handed out treats, braised short ribs and roasted vegetables (thanks Glen!), modified our decorations slightly for teenage girls, listened to giggly girls watching Beetlejuice, and finally sent everyone home around 11 pm, and consumed way too much chocolate in a weekend.