Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie-inspired cooking...Snickerdoodles

Kate and I had a girls date on Saturday and we went to see Eat, Pray, Love.  Watching Julia Roberts pig out on pasta and pizza made me want to, well, run to the nearest Original Ray's Pizza and devour a slice.  I did not indulge -- mostly because by the time the movie ended, I had forgotten all about the pizza.  So I'll admit that I was a little surprised on Sunday morning when my son started looking up recipes for Snickerdoodles on the Food Network website.  That's not a cookie I make regularly (I never make cookies regularly -- too much work!) so I couldn't figure out where he came up with that idea.  It turns out that he was watching one of his Sunday videos -- Samual the Lamanite (from the Liken the Scriptures series) -- and there was a reference to World Famous Snickerdoodles.  Since we didn't have any shortening in the house, Dash found a recipe that uses butter, and we did some Labor-day cookie baking.  It turns out that these are really easy to make, and Dash loves rolling the dough into balls, dipping it into cinnamon and sugar, and then watching them flatten as they bake.  Mostly, he likes eating them -- he recommends a glass of milk to go with them.

It made me think, though, about other movies that inspired cooking.  Julie and Julia is still top of my list.  Ok, I wasn't that inspired to make my own aspic, but watching Julie toast bread for bruschetta certainly gets my saliva glands going. I actually have ingredients to make bruschetta later today -- writing this blog inspired me! On a side note, my husband, Glen, and I worked our way through a handful of Julie Child recipes when we were first married, and bc -- before children.  I remember making french onion soup from scratch, which included cooking various meats just for the juices, and searching for four different kinds of cheeses.  We felt like we were true New Yorkers , thanks to Woody Allen and Annie Hall, when we cooked our own lobsters.

But my favorite cooking movie is still Babette's Feast.  No, I was not inspired to cook hummingbirds in pastry, but it was truly wonderful seeing someone bring such joy to others with her cooking.  (I've just added it to Netflix -- I think Kate should see that movie.)

I read an an article in the NYTimes yesterday about a documentary called King of Pastry, which opens in a couple of weeks.  It follows a three-day french pastry competition that takes place every four years in France.  I wonder what it will inspire me to cook...


  1. I read your post about Dash getting the idea for snickerdoodles from a TV show, and remembered that my 9-year old son, Robbie likes to watch “America’s Test Kitchen” on Saturday afternoons. Maybe you can watch that together as a family? Kidding. Could it be simply because we don’t have cable and nothing else is on PBS, or that he really is a budding chef? Fodder for your blog post, perhaps. (Note: he also loves “This Old House” and “Antique Roadshow”. My renaissance boy.)