Friday, September 3, 2010

End-of-the-Summer Syndrome

     There's a little place called Whym right around the corner from my house. I say house so that our 600 square foot apartment will seem bigger. I also could have said "around the corner from my 600 square foot apartment" but that would take too long. Therefore, I use the word "house" to describe the place of which I live in, even if it is anything but.
     Anyways, there is a time in every summer vacation where a terrible disorder sets in. This disorder is called End-of-the-Summer Syndrome (ESS). The side effects of this disease are laziness, boredom, lack of motive, and resort to extreme doses of technology and Rock music to get through the day. End-of-the-Summer Syndrome is highly contagious, and there is sadly, no cure. However, there is treatment, such as: fun, upbeat music (preferably something to dance to), friends, and genuinely delicious food.
     As a last resort to finally put myself on treatment for ESS, my brother was sent to the beach with his friend, and my dad and I went to a nice restaurant called Whym. I had gone here before, when I was younger, and since then Whym has undergone some renovations, and it looks really cool.
     Whym has a modern style, with bright colors and new designs. There is plenty of room, including both tables and booths. The space is very clean and well kept. There are also floor length mirrors so onlookers can glance in and decide if they want to eat there. In all, Whym has a very modern, open, and friendly vibe.
     The food is friendly, with basics like chicken and mashed potatoes, but with a modern and unique twist. For lunch I had sirloin burger sliders with gorgonzola cheese, with hand cut fries. I also had a side of smashed potatoes. The sirloin burger sliders were really good. Instead of a regular cheeseburger, there were pieces of sirloin steak and gorgonzola cheese that were part of the modern theme of Whym. The steak was familiar but unique, and it was a nice change from the homey, juiciness of hamburger. The gorgonzola cheese was soft and smooth, and it added more flavor to take the burger to the next level. In all, the sirloin burger was modern and fun, an interesting change from the comfort food of a regular cheeseburger. Bobby Flay would be proud.
     The fries were also really good. I love homemade fries, they're so much better than fast food. The fries I got were crisp and tasty on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside. Not to mention the burst of flavor when you first stuck one in your mouth. Absolutely delicious.
     The mashed potatoes were also good. They were light, fluffy, and creamy at the same time, and fitted with the comfort food with a modern twist.
     In all, I really enjoyed going to Whym. And I also really loved having a fun time with my dad. No matter what your cure for End-of-the-Summer Syndrome may be, the best part is having fun with your family and friends.
     Here's to time well spent, and spending it with friends.
     Yours, Kate


  1. Kate, our apartment is 650 square feet! Mom

  2. dont forget about break-ssert....i guess that makes me a "foodie"

  3. Kate,

    I totally "dig" your writing style. Informative with a warm and easy, fun vibe! Keep it coming. Will be sure to share this with my fellow NYC eaters.