Friday, June 11, 2010

Potato Salad (?)

     Because my school recently moved, the radius in which students can go out for lunch has decreased to a miserable amount. Say, from all of New York City to about 2 entire blocks.
     Therefore, I have decided to boycott going out for lunch. Sort of.
     Needless to say, due to the lack of gas and refrigeration, neither the stove nor the fridge works in the kitchen, so the staff have resorted to bringing pre-made lunches for the 16.5 students who choose to stay in for lunch. Being the foodie I am, I have also decided to boycott cafeteria food.
     Once a week, instead of bringing [good/edible] food from home, I "go out" for lunch. Most students do this every day, I just choose not to. However, due to the circumstances mentioned, while boycotting the restraints and cafeteria food, I arrived 10 minutes early for school in order to hop into the Eli's Bread (which was only a block out of the boundaries) and buy a tomato foccacia.
     Now, the foccacia is another story, one which does not need to be told at this moment. Anyway, I love tomato foccacia. I also bought myself a bag of chips, for lunch.
     At 12:30, my class went down the stairs for lunch. School itself is another story, but this is a food it won't be mentioned. Most students exited the building, to go out for lunch, but me and a few other classmates headed down to the basement for lunch. I was one of those few, with my foccacia and chips lunch.
     Not to be rude or anything, I sat down at a table and started eating my lunch. By then, several students had returned from getting their lunch. Each student had a milk, a sandwich, and potato salad.
     Now, when you picture the "potato salad," picture one of those Jell-O pudding containers, with a bleached white semi-solid creation stuffed inside of it. That's what was called "potato salad." I did not smell or taste the thing, nor do I wish to. I will not describe it any further.
     One of my friends was really hungry, so she resulted to doing an act that was so horribly disgusting and insulting to me: eating the potato salad.
     I begged and I pleaded her, I got down on my knees on the cafeteria floor, but she still forced a spoonful of that glop into her mouth. She was almost sick.
     When I saw that my friend was revolted by It, I hurriedly offered her a piece of my foccacia and chips. She gratefully accepted. When she popped the foccacia into her mouth, her eyes went wide, and she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh." (I'm rephrasing, because she actually said something a lot different, but I would prefer not to say.)
     In the span of about 20 seconds, everyone at my table had found out about my lunch and was asking for some. In 30 seconds more, I had given away most of my lunch to my friends, and even some 7th Graders whom I didn't remember.
     Nonetheless, I still got to finish my lunch, happily chewing all the way.
     The moral of this story is: stay away from any food that claims to be something tasty, but resides in a plastic Jell-O container. Especially potato salad.

Sincerely yours,